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The Penguin Discography: Rock And Roll Music

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Rock And Roll Music
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Chuck (Charles Edward) Berry (Anderson)

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Date Performance 1985-10-25
Running Time 6:08
Performers Chuck (Charles Edward) Berry (Anderson) (Guitar), Chuck (Charles Edward) Berry (Anderson) (Vocals), Mick Fleetwood (Drums), Mick Fleetwood (Percussion), Kenny (Kenneth Thomas) Jones (Drums), Kenny (Kenneth Thomas) Jones (Percussion), John Mayall (Keyboards), Mitch Mitchell (Drums), Mitch Mitchell (Percussion), Carl (Dean) Wilson (Guitars), Ron(nie) Wood (Guitars), Carmine Appice (Drums), Carmine Appice (Percussion), Bill Champlin (Keyboards), Phil Kenzie (Horns), Bobby Keys (Horns), Ronnie Lane (Vocals), John Lodge (Bass), Chuck Negron (Vocals), Rudy Sarzo (Bass), Lee Thornburg/Thornberg/Thomberg (Horns), Jimmy Z(avala)/Z(anala) (Horns), John (Paul) Hammond(, Jr.) (Guitars), Carmen/Carmine Grillo (Guitars), Phil(lip) Chen (Bass), Barbara Paige (Vocals), Aniyah/Aniijia Shockley (Vocals), Mike Chicowitz (Horns)
Appears On
Chuck Berry & Bo Diddley's Rock 'N' Roll All Star Jam (1999)
Chuck (Charles Edward) Berry (Anderson)

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Running Time 2:36
Performers Gary Busey (Vocals), Gary Busey (Guitar)
Commentsby Gary Busey
Appears On
A Celebration (0000)
Various Artists

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