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The Penguin Discography: Caroline

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Danny Kirwan, Clifford (G.) Davis (Adams)

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Date Performance 1979-00-00
Running Time 3:08
Performers Danny Kirwan (Lead Vocal), Danny Kirwan (Acoustic Rhythm Guitars), Danny Kirwan (Electric Rhythm Guitars), Tex Comer (Bass), Fran Byrne (Drums), (Graham) Kirby Gregory (Lead Guitar), (Graham) Kirby Gregory (Rhythm Guitar), John Cook (Assorted Keyboards), John Cook (Organ), John Cook (Synthesizer), Kevin Kitchen (Electric Piano), Chris Fletcher (Assorted Percussion), Tony Rivers (Backing Vocal), Stuart Calver (Backing Vocal), John (G.) Perry (Backing Vocal)
Appears On
Hello There Big Boy (1979)
Danny Kirwan
Only You/Caroline (0000)
Danny Kirwan

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Oh Caroline you haunt me so
This tangled heart of mine
Wants to be free of you
To start my life anew

You took your lips to other guys
Those lips that once touched mine
Why don't you set me free
Don't go on hurting me

Oh devil lady with a heart of steel
And flashing eyes of youth
Don't make it hard on me
Become a memory

You're worlds away is a constant high
Please spare a thought for me
You let your love run wild
How sad I feel inside

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Hot Wax Music (UK)

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Lyrics contributed by Chris Frohring.