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The Penguin Discography: Superstition

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Stevie Wonder

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Performance #1:
Running Time 4:20
Performers Jeff (Geoffrey Arnold) Beck (Guitar), Carmine Appice (Drums), Tim Bogert (Bass)
Commentsby Beck, Bogert & Appice
Appears On
Sounds Of The Seventies: FM Rock II (0000)
Various Artists
Performance #2:
Running Time 4:54
Performers Deborah/Debbie (Louise) Bonham (Vocals), Jason Bonham (Drums), Michael Bonham (Percussion), Doug(ie) Boyle (Electric Guitar), Doug(ie) Boyle (Solo), Pete(r) (James) Bullick (Electric Guitar), Michael Chetwood (Piano), Mo Foster (5 String Bass Guitar), Christian Henson (Hammond Organ), Mo Foster (Arrangement)
CommentsDeborah Bonham: 'Mo told me one day that Stevie Wonder had originally written this track for Jeff Beck: "We used to regularly perform it live when I was in Jeff's band". There was the connection, and we decided to record it for a bit of fun. Mo came up with a great new arrangement, which featured my brother Michael on percussion, and everything followed. This was Michael's moment of fame and we all felt this track should be included.'
Appears On
The Old Hyde (2001)
Deborah/Debbie (Louise) Bonham

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