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The Penguin Discography: I'll Remember You

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I'll Remember You
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Laura Satterfield, Monty Byrom, David Neuhauser

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Date Performance 1998-00-00
Running Time 3:57
Performers Rita Coolidge (Vocals), Tim Veazey (Piano), Arno Lucas (Percussion), Scott Brasher/Brasier (Strings Arranged By), Scott Brasher/Brasier (Strings Programmed By)
Appears On
Thinkin' About You (1998)
Rita Coolidge

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When shadows fall across the sky
And that old sun surrenders to the moon
I'll just drift away
Only thinking of precious memories
I'll Remember You

When fences fall and stallions cry
And this old face surrenders to the years
Carry me back to thunder in my dreams
I wanna drift away
Cause I Remember You

Through the years
I'm still in love with you
And it goes on forever
I still wanna be lying right nexi to you

When mountains die
In a million years
The stars have fallen from the sky
Carry me back to thunder in my dreams
I just wanna drift away
Cause I Remember You

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