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The Penguin Discography: Birds Fly South (When Winter Comes)

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Birds Fly South (When Winter Comes)
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David Nichtern

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Feelings I know you'd love to share
So come on now, darling
And don't keep it all in there

Verse 1:
Heartbreak's so much easier to bear
If you throw back the covers
For a friend who truly cares

Birds fly south when winter comes
Seekin' warm and gentle surroundings
As my heart flies to you
When I'm frozen (lonesome) and blue
So I'm offering you
Somebody who loves you

Verse 2:
Through all the thick and thin
When you're down I will care for you
Till you're on your feet again

(Repeat Chorus 2 times)

Loves you, loves you

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Verse 1)

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Running Time 4:17
Performers Maria Muldaur (Vocals), Maria Muldaur (Background Vocals), Peter Bunetta (Drums), Willie Weeks (Electric Bass), (Rev.) Pat(rick) Henderson (Piano), Robben Ford (Electric Guitar), David Nichtern (Acoustic Guitar), (Ms.) Bobbye Hall (Percussion), Stevie Wonder (Chromatic Harmonica), David Woodford (Tenor Horn), Bryan Cumming(s) (Tenor Horn), Jim/James Gordon (Baritone Horn), Curt Sletten (Trumpet), Beckie/Becky (Rebecca) Burns (Background Vocals), Brenda Burns (Background Vocals), Pepper Watkins (Background Vocals), Greg Prestopino (Background Vocals), Wendy Waldman (Background Vocals), Rodney Finney (Background Vocals), Anthony Philips (Background Vocals), David Nichtern (String Quartet Arranged By), (Rev.) Pat(rick) Henderson (String Quartet Arranged By), David Campbell (String Quartet Arranged By), Charles Veal (Concertmaster), Jeremy Smith (Mixed By)
CommentsMixed at Warner Bros. Recording Studios, North Hollywood, The Burbank Studios
Appears On
Open Your Eyes (0000)
Maria Muldaur

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