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Walking On Sunset
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John Mayall

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Watching all the people like the waves along the shore
They hang around the Whiskey and every open store
I'm walking on Sunset - I never reach the end
I'm walking on Sunset
Everything is like a friend

All the pretty women, never seen a better crop
Music all around - the flashing lights that never stop

Standing on the corner watching every kind of car
Friendly people come and say they want to know your star

The cops are in the cars but they never bothered me -
A new magic world where I never felt so free

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Performance #1:
Date Performance 1968-08-00
Running Time 2:50
Performers John Mayall (Vocals), John Mayall (Organ), Mick Taylor (Lead Guitar), Mick Taylor (Hawaiian Guitar), Stephen/Steve Thompson (Bass Guitar), Colin Allen (Drums), Colin Allen (Tablas)
CommentsRecorded between August 26-28,1968 at Decca's West Hampstead Studios.
Appears On
Blues From Laurel Canyon (1968)
John Mayall
London Blues: 1964-1969 (1992)
John Mayall
John Mayall Profile (1980)
John Mayall
Performance #2:
Date Performance 2003-07-19
Running Time 6:34
Performers John Mayall (Guitar), John Mayall (Harmonica), John Mayall (Piano), John Mayall (Vocals), Buddy (Robert Warrick) Whittington (Guitar), Buddy (Robert Warrick) Whittington (Vocals), Joe (Joseph Anthony) Yuele (Drums), Tom Canning (Organ), Hank Van Sickle (Bass Guitar), Tom Canning (Piano), Julian ArgŁelles (Baritone Saxophone), Dave Lewis (Saxophone), Mick Taylor (Guitar), John Mayall (Mixed By), John Mayall (Produced By), David Z (Rivkin) (Mixed By), David Z (Rivkin) (Produced By), Henry Lowther (Arranger), Benny Quinn (Mastered By)
CommentsRecorded live in Liverpool, England.
Appears On
Essentially John Mayall (2006)
John Mayall

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Key: A Minor
Published by St. George Music Ltd.

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