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Hey Little One
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Dorsey Burnette, Barry DeVorzon

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Date Performance 1980-00-00
Running Time 2:46
Performers Glen Campbell (Vocals)
Commentsby Glen Campbell
Appears On
A Celebration (1981)
Various Artists

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Date Performance 1982-00-00
Running Time 2:55
Performers Rocky Burnette (Vocals), Rocky Burnette (Guitar), Rocky Burnette (Backing Vocals), Dennis Dreith (Flute), Dennis Dreith (Saxophone), John Hobbs (Keyboards), Bill House (Guitars), Bill House (Keyboards), Bill House (Percussion), John Hunt (Guitar), J(ay) D(ee) Maness (Steel Guitar), Chris Neilsen (Guitar), Joe Chemay (Bass), Mike Porter (Drums), Joe Romano (Horns), Curtis Stone (Bass), Steve Turner (Drums), John Van Tongeren (Keyboards), Billy (Joe) Walker(, Jr.) (Guitars), Pamela Tompkins (30 Enthusiastic Strings), Paul Leim/Lime (Drums), Billy Burnette (Guitar), Randy Burnette (Backing Vocals), Billy Burnette (Backing Vocals), Darlene Groncki (Backing Vocals), Grant Gullickson (Backing Vocals), Lance Gullickson (Backing Vocals), Bill House (Backing Vocals), Chris Brosius/Broccios/Brocius (Backing Vocals)
Appears On
Heart Stopper (1982)
Rocky Burnette

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Published by Warner/Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI)

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