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(Bernie) Bernard Bonvoisin, Norbert Krief, Jimmy Pursey

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Date Performance 1981-00-00
Running Time 2:59
Performers (Bernie) Bernard Bonvoisin (Vocals), Norbert Krief (Guitar)
Commentsby Trust
Appears On
Heavy Metal (1981)
Various Artists

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One of the greatest contributions to the genre.
Review written by SickStan (deenature@yahoo.com), April 17th, 2009

This track done by Trust in what I believe to be English for the Movie Heavy Metal is every ounce of pure shredding Hardcore Punk meets Metal with bent, twisted, maniacally applied words that to me is unmatched.
I do not care for the French version as it does not have near the impact as the English execution. If anyone can decipher the words - it would be appreciated by many individuals including myself.
The guitar is so raw, breathing anger & destruction into the bodies foundation. Top it off with lyrics swarming the licks ....
Industry is so busy pushing garbage on the masses, they need to resurrect tracks like this that are true expression.
This should be the first track on the Heavy Metal Movie Soundtrack .... but as they say, "Save the Best for Last" Yeah Baby!

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