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All Of You
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Don Felder

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Date Performance 1981-00-00
Running Time 4:18
Performers Don Felder (Vocals), Don Felder (Guitar)
Commentsby Don Felder
Appears On
Heavy Metal (1981)
Various Artists

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You must be a lost angel
Dressed in your silk lace
Born somewhere between heaven
And hell I don't know a place
Yes I can tell that you've cast your spell
The way you hold me somehow
If this is sin baby count me in
I can't turn back now

I've got to have All of you..Little darling
All of your lovin, all of your huggin
All of your kisses too..
I've got to have All of you....
Everyday, everyway, now
Noone else will do...

Now I've been told that it's ages old
It goes back to Adam and Eve
Yes I know how the story goes
When a woman begins to deceive
Now here you stand before my naked eye
My heart is pounding so....
If I should die, darling, in your arms
What a lovely way to go..


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