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The Songs I Write
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Gary (Anthony) Osborne, Richard Kerr

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Sometimes when I'm all alone
People I have known come to mind
People you will easily find
Hidden in the songs I write

Old friends, strangers I have seen
Lovers who have been-and have gone
Others who will always live on
Somewhere in the words of my song

These are the songs I write
I hope they'll do
These simple songs I write
Are all I have to give you

And so, if you want to know
Which of all these people is me
Look around and there I will be
Hidden in the songs I write.

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Date Performance 1973-00-00
Running Time 3:15
Performers Richard Kerr (Keyboard), Richard Kerr (Vocals), Peter Green (Guitars), Colin Green (Guitars), Richard Hewson (Guitars), Dennis (Ace) Lopez (Percussion), Terry Emery (Percussion), Tristan Fry (Percussion)
Appears On
From Now Until Then (1973)
Richard Kerr

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