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The Hero
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Gary (Anthony) Osborne, Richard Kerr

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Date Performance 1973-00-00
Running Time 3:44
Performers Richard Kerr (Keyboard), Richard Kerr (Vocals), Terry Cox (Drums), Brian Odges (Bass), Peter Green (Guitars), Colin Green (Guitars), Richard Hewson (Guitars), Dennis (Ace) Lopez (Percussion), Terry Emery (Percussion), Tristan Fry (Percussion)
Appears On
From Now Until Then (1973)
Richard Kerr

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Sergeant Grey was caught on a hill
With the enemy all around
Lying on the ground with his band of men

The fighting lasted all through the night
And the best part of the day
And only Sergeant Grey survived

And the world called him a hero
Back in '45
The world called him a hero
But he was only trying to get home alive

They all turned out to welcome him home
They even had a band
A general shook his hand
And read a speech aloud
Then they all marched off and left him alone
With his medal made of steel
But the sergeant didn't feel so proud

For the world called him a hero
The strangest thing of all
That nobody but he knows
He never really wanted to fight at all

Sergeanr Grey was just a simple man
Until the day when he first had to kill

Now every night in each of his dreams
The sergeant tries to find
The men he left behind on the hill

And the world called him a hero
They didn't understand
When the world called him a hero
That deep inside, a hero is just a man.

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