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The Liar
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Gary (Anthony) Osborne, Richard Kerr

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It all began when they found his old man
By a broken door, a broken law,
An hour before dawn
His friends would ask so the boy wore a mask
And the child was dead,
The liar had been born.

And though he smiled as he told them his lies
He never smiled with his eyes.

He used to say that his dad was away
In another land, and so began the lies.

As he grew older the lies that he told
Seemed to come alive and then derive
A life of their own.
The years went by, he lived lie after lie,
Till he hardly knew just what was true at all.

But he could feel every time that he lied
Something inside of him died.

If he could see just how real he could be
He would realise and cast his lies aside


And when he sees just how real he can be
Then he'll realise and cast his lies aside.

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Date Performance 1973-00-00
Running Time 3:54
Performers Richard Kerr (Keyboard), Richard Kerr (Vocals), Peter Green (Guitars), Colin Green (Guitars), Richard Hewson (Guitars), Dennis (Ace) Lopez (Percussion), Terry Emery (Percussion), Tristan Fry (Percussion)
CommentsIntro - 1:02 The Liar - 2:52
Appears On
From Now Until Then (1973)
Richard Kerr

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