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Can't Find My Way Home
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Steve Winwood

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Date Performance 1969-06-00
Running Time 3:15
Performers Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Guitar), Steve Winwood (Vocals), Steve Winwood (Guitar), Ric(k) Grech (Bass), Ginger Baker (Drums), Jimmy Miller (Produced By)
Commentsby Blind Faith. Recorded at Olympics Studios, London. From BLIND FAITH, released August 1969. Steve Winwood appears courtesy of Island Records. (P) Polygram International Music B.V.
Appears On
The Finer Things (1995)
Steve Winwood
Crossroads (1988)
Eric (Patrick) Clapton

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Date Performance 2004-00-00
Running Time 3:55
Performers Rudy Rotta (Vocals), Rudy Rotta (Guitar), Fausto Beccalossi (Accordion), Francesco Sbibu (Sguazzabia) (Cajon), Marco Biscuola (Sound Engineer)
CommentsRecorded and mixed at Holophonic Village, Polesella (RO)
Appears On
Some Of My Favorite Songs For... (2004)
Rudy Rotta

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