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Imaginary Fool
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Bob Welch

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Date Performance 1981-00-00
Running Time 3:20
Performers Bob Welch (Vocals), David Adelstein (Keyboards), Alvin Taylor (Drums), Bob Welch (Guitars), Joey Brasler (Guitars), Tom/Thomas F. Kelly (Backing Vocals), Brad Palmer (Bass), Robbie Patton (Percussion), Dave Rodriguez (Bass)
Appears On
Bob Welch (1981)
Bob Welch
Two To Do/Imaginary Fool (1981)
Bob Welch

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Two different glasses are filled with champagne
What is the meaning of this ?
Cause all of that atmosphere painfully made
Has taken an ironic twist

The table was set intimate way
With color he knew she would love
But sometimes a fantasy goes the wrong way
And pretending's just not good enough


Imaginary Fool
Still hoping she loves you
Pretending isn't fair
Not half as good as being there

(repeat chorus)

Now all of ther secrets you've poured from your heart
Seems to have just been in vain
And listening to you was the easiest part
But your not in her future today
It was just an affair that was meant for one night
But you didn't see it that way
For you it meant deeper than she would have liked
Now your standing here hearing her say....

Imaginary fool
You though that I loved yiou
Pretending isn't fair
But if you must pretend your there..

Lock her in your imagination
Someone to love
Undress her with your eyes....

(repeat chorus)

Imaginary fool
You thought that I loved you
Pretending isn't fair
But if you must pretend you're there

(repeat chorus)

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Lyrics contributed by K.E. Gil.