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Bob Welch

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Date Performance 1981-00-00
Running Time 3:09
Performers Bob Welch (Vocals), Alvin Taylor (Drums), David Adelstein (Keyboards), Bob Welch (Guitars), Joey Brasler (Guitars), Tom/Thomas F. Kelly (Backing Vocals), Brad Palmer (Bass), Robbie Patton (Percussion), Dave Rodriguez (Bass)
Appears On
Bob Welch (1981)
Bob Welch

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Well my imagination
Is gettin' way too strong
In my imagination
She's already gone
'Cause last time we went drivin'
Somewhere in the dark
I started in to hold her
Then we broke apart

She's got secrets, she's got someone
The only girl I can't stop loving
Has a secret love
She's got secrets, I know she's got someone
The only girl I can't stop loving
Has a secret, secret love

Oh I should have seen it coming
All those little lies
The times that I felt her body
Was not completely mine
Then there was that party
I had to leave alone
'Cause she was bein' too cute with someone
I did not want to know

(Repeat Chorus)

Now my little lover
Has a secret love
And I'd like to get her
'Cause I can't get enough
Now my little lover
Coudn't be so bad
It ain't really worth it
You know I'm bein' had

(Repeat Chorus)

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