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Make It Better
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Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein, Jaron (David) Lowenstein

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Date Performance 2000-00-00
Running Time 2:58
Performers Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Vocals), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Acoustic Guitars), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Electric Guitars), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Bass), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Piano), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Keyboards), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Percussion), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Chamberlain), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Chimes), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Vocals), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Acoustic Guitars), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Electric Guitars), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Bass), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Piano), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Keyboards), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Percussion), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Chamberlain), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Chimes), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Produced By), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Produced By), John Fields (Produced By), T-Bone (Joseph Henry) Burnett (Executive Produced By), Rusty Anderson (Additional Musician), Dave Anthony (Additional Musician), Kenny (M.F.) Aronoff (Additional Musician), Greg(g) Arreguin (Additional Musician), Dave Bassett (Additional Musician), Jeff(rey) (Skunk) Baxter (Additional Musician), Michael Bland (Additional Musician), Chris Bruce (Additional Musician), T-Bone (Joseph Henry) Burnett (Additional Musician), Matt Chamberlain (Additional Musician), Vinnie Colaiuta (Additional Musician), Dorian Crozier (Additional Musician), Mark Dobson (Additional Musician), John Fields (Additional Musician), Steve Holztman (Additional Musician), Jay Joyce (Additional Musician), Suzy/Suzie Katayama (Additional Musician), Jim Keltner (Additional Musician), Nick Lane (Additional Musician), Darrel(l) Leonard (Additional Musician), Don McCollister (Additional Musician), Jamie Muhoberac/Mahoberac (Additional Musician), Marc Ribot (Additional Musician), Carmen Rizzo (Additional Musician), Matt Serletic (Additional Musician), Leland (Lee) Sklar (Additional Musician), Ben(mont) (M.) Tench(, III) (Additional Musician), Patric(k) Warren (Additional Musician)
Appears On
Evan And Jaron (2000)
Evan And Jaron

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I don't know what's happening to me
I can't remember things I used to believe
I caught myself just the other day
Stealing color from words and leaving them gray

Yeah, I've fallen down a time or two
But no one was looking so I'm not telling you

I've got to make it better
Make it all right
Got to find me a ladder to reach the light
Got to move to the exit, single file line
Before the fire spreads to my head and burns my mind

It's been real but it's time to go home
Time to change back to the clothes that I own
I could use some heavier shoes
To ground me in feelings I don't want to lose

And all this time, I never knew
That it ever meant anything to you

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