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You Don't Know Me
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Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein, Jaron (David) Lowenstein

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I run these stories through my head
Of her coming home
And us just staring at each other
And we'll both know
Yeah we'll both know
And I won't care
That she took me through a maze
And left me there for days
Until she made
Her mind to go away

You'd think I'd know by now
You'd think I'd wash this down
Did you think I'd hurt her now
Just to heal my heart
Then you don't know me
You don't know me
And she don't owe me anything

I'd love to think that she
Was out to hurt me
And given the facts
Still maybe we
We could you know, we could try again
But she didn't mean the harm she put me through
And I could never go to her and trust
That she would ever care

If time is all it takes than I've got plenty of that
Plenty of that, and I'm a better man
For all the time it takes

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Date Performance 2000-00-00
Running Time 3:32
Performers Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Vocals), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Acoustic Guitars), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Electric Guitars), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Bass), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Piano), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Keyboards), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Percussion), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Chamberlain), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Chimes), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Vocals), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Acoustic Guitars), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Electric Guitars), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Bass), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Piano), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Keyboards), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Percussion), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Chamberlain), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Chimes), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Produced By), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Produced By), John Fields (Produced By), T-Bone (Joseph Henry) Burnett (Executive Produced By), Rusty Anderson (Additional Musician), Dave Anthony (Additional Musician), Kenny (M.F.) Aronoff (Additional Musician), Greg(g) Arreguin (Additional Musician), Dave Bassett (Additional Musician), Jeff(rey) (Skunk) Baxter (Additional Musician), Michael Bland (Additional Musician), Chris Bruce (Additional Musician), T-Bone (Joseph Henry) Burnett (Additional Musician), Matt Chamberlain (Additional Musician), Vinnie Colaiuta (Additional Musician), Dorian Crozier (Additional Musician), Mark Dobson (Additional Musician), John Fields (Additional Musician), Steve Holztman (Additional Musician), Jay Joyce (Additional Musician), Suzy/Suzie Katayama (Additional Musician), Jim Keltner (Additional Musician), Nick Lane (Additional Musician), Darrel(l) Leonard (Additional Musician), Don McCollister (Additional Musician), Jamie Muhoberac/Mahoberac (Additional Musician), Marc Ribot (Additional Musician), Carmen Rizzo (Additional Musician), Matt Serletic (Additional Musician), Leland (Lee) Sklar (Additional Musician), Ben(mont) (M.) Tench(, III) (Additional Musician), Patric(k) Warren (Additional Musician)
Appears On
Evan And Jaron (2000)
Evan And Jaron

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