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On The Bus
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Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein, Dave Bassett

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Date Performance 2000-00-00
Running Time 3:41
Performers Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Vocals), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Acoustic Guitars), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Electric Guitars), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Bass), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Piano), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Keyboards), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Percussion), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Chamberlain), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Chimes), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Vocals), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Acoustic Guitars), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Electric Guitars), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Bass), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Piano), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Keyboards), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Percussion), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Chamberlain), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Chimes), Jaron (David) Lowenstein (Produced By), Evan (Mitchell) Lowenstein (Produced By), John Fields (Produced By), T-Bone (Joseph Henry) Burnett (Executive Produced By), Rusty Anderson (Additional Musician), Dave Anthony (Additional Musician), Kenny (M.F.) Aronoff (Additional Musician), Greg(g) Arreguin (Additional Musician), Dave Bassett (Additional Musician), Jeff(rey) (Skunk) Baxter (Additional Musician), Michael Bland (Additional Musician), Chris Bruce (Additional Musician), T-Bone (Joseph Henry) Burnett (Additional Musician), Matt Chamberlain (Additional Musician), Vinnie Colaiuta (Additional Musician), Dorian Crozier (Additional Musician), Mark Dobson (Additional Musician), John Fields (Additional Musician), Steve Holztman (Additional Musician), Jay Joyce (Additional Musician), Suzy/Suzie Katayama (Additional Musician), Jim Keltner (Additional Musician), Nick Lane (Additional Musician), Darrel(l) Leonard (Additional Musician), Don McCollister (Additional Musician), Jamie Muhoberac/Mahoberac (Additional Musician), Marc Ribot (Additional Musician), Carmen Rizzo (Additional Musician), Matt Serletic (Additional Musician), Leland (Lee) Sklar (Additional Musician), Ben(mont) (M.) Tench(, III) (Additional Musician), Patric(k) Warren (Additional Musician)
Appears On
Evan And Jaron (2000)
Evan And Jaron

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You ought to know by now that I don't wait around
Drag my heels hold my breath and hang out underground
You think I think too much, I think we'll wait and see
From here to there I'll take a piece of all that's in between

Never say never and don't wait forever
It's an open mind that sees that now is the time
To take a chance, take a shot, take control of the situation
I can't stand around here telling you
About the things I've done and what I got to do
So are you on the bus or not
Cause we're leaving the station

Don't leave yourself behind and don't get in the way
Tomorrow's coming fast to take away today
You say I want too much, but I want you to see
That if you want to come with me, you're going to have to leave

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