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The Power
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Javier Pacheco

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When I saw Jesus I was so long involved
in my own little selfish games;
after I met Jesus I let the light shine in
I knew my life would never be the same.
(The Power) - I could not believe
(The Power) - Nobody would believe
when they nailed him
down to that cross
(The Power) - that you bring
(The Power) - Love is the only thing
that will save us, save us,
save us, let it save us!

Donít let it go down the drain
Donít let it go down
Donít let it go down the drain,
Donít let it go down.

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Date Performance 1970-00-00
Running Time 4:15
Sound Clip Listen.
CommentsAragon High School, San Mateo. Discussions of this song can be found here.
Appears On
Fritz Sampler for The Penguin (2004)

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Lyrics contributed by Javier Pacheco.