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Javier Pacheco

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Date Performance 1970-00-00
Running Time 7:48
Sound Clip Listen.
CommentsAragon High School, San Mateo. Discussions of this song can be found here.
Appears On
Fritz Sampler for The Penguin (2004)

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All the front-page stories
the war and all its glories
Strife throughout the nation
the dollar and inflation
All the morning news in full
and the editorial bull
All the murders and crimes
All the news for a dime.
Would you like a subscription to the Media News;

Arrests and convictions
And talk from politicians
Homicides and rapes
County jail escapes
All the riots in the schools,
administration rules
all the info that you need
in a news magazine.


Syndicated news
with the same half-truths
you can read . . . on the paper mill feed
of the media, . . . Yellow!
thrown together,
with chosen half-truths
You can read . . . Yellow!!

Business and finance
The dealer’s second chance
Society clichés
You know, beauty fashion raves
All the social highlight scene
and the comic strip routine
All the censorship reviews
in a syndicated news

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Lyrics contributed by Javier Pacheco.