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Tears In My Eyes
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John Mayall

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Date Performance 1966-00-00
Running Time 4:34
Performers John Mayall (Keyboards), Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Guitar), John McVie (Bass), Hughie Flint (Drums)
Appears On
Essentially John Mayall (2006)
John Mayall

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Date Performance 1967-07-00
Running Time 4:20
Performers John Mayall (Vocals), John Mayall (Organ), Mick Taylor (Lead Guitar), John McVie (Bass Guitar), Keef Hartley (Drums), Chris Mercer (Tenor Sax), Rip Kant (Baritone Sax), John Mayall (Piano), John Mayall (Harmonica), John Mayall (Bottleneck Guitar)
CommentsKey performed in: C
Appears On
Crusade (1967)
John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers

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