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The Penguin Discography: That's Wrong

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That's Wrong
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Joe (Joseph) Josea (Bihari), (Big) Walter (Shakey) Horton

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now come on woman walk with you
i can't love you baby like you used to do
that's wrong that's wrong well now you know it's wrong for me

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Date Performance 1969-01-04
Running Time 4:12
Sound Clip Listen.
Performers Mike Vernon (Produced By), Marshall Chess (Produced By), Stu Black (Engineered By), Willie Dixon (Session Co-Ordination), Marshall Chess (Session Co-Ordination), Neil (The Curmudgeon) Slaven (Session Co-Ordination), Mike Vernon (Session Co-Ordination), (Big) Walter (Shakey) Horton (Vocal), (Big) Walter (Shakey) Horton (Harmonica), Peter Green (Guitars), Danny Kirwan (Guitars), John McVie (Bass), Otis Spann (Piano), S. P. Leary (Drums)
Comments(Previously unissued) Recorded at Chess Ter-Mar Studios, Chicago
Appears On
The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions: 1967-1969 (1999)
Fleetwood Mac

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