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Bang The Drum
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Lindsey Buckingham

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Afraid to move
Afraid to lose
A piece of faith
A piece of heart
Surprised to find someone willing to lose
Just to keep herself from falling apart

Bang the drum
Bang it louder

She said, "One thing, baby, I think you should know,
This world treats me oh so rough
Got this deep down sorrow that wonít let go
And I just donít think Iím tough enough."

Bang the drum
Bang it louder

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Date Performance 1984-00-00
Running Time 3:40
Performers Lindsey Buckingham (All Performances By)
Appears On
Go Insane (1984)
Lindsey Buckingham

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(C) 1984 Now Sounds Music (BMI)

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Lyrics contributed by Erik Grebner.