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Bye, Bye, Bye
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Murray Head

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The boy feels most peculiar
On his last day spent at school
He still can't find a place to sit
Is accused of breaking rules.

The young man is on the doorstep
While his father bars the way
To tell him he's unwanted
When he'd never asked to stay

On the eve before his marriage
He isn't very sure
But surrounded by such ceremony
Makes him feel secure.

When history repeats itself
There's nothing left to learn
For a moment you will see it - the point of no return
The place at which you learn - there's no turning back.
Bye, bye, bye.

They were dancing on the boat
With garlands in their hair
Like lambs to the slaughter
They didn't seem to care.

They were partying on deck
When the chairs began to slide
I jumped over the rails
Before the laughter died.

Sitting in a lifeboat
Bobbing off to sea.
Watching all those crazy folks
Go down without me.
Bye, bye, bye.

I really must be going
It's more trouble than it's worth.
It leads to thinking far too much
And feeling even worse.

Bye, bye, bye.

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Date Performance 1979-00-00
Running Time 4:07
Performers Murray Head (Vocals), Trevor Morais (Drums), John (G.) Perry (Bass), Geoffrey Richardson (Mandolin), Geoffrey Richardson (Banjo), Bob Weston (Lead Guitar), Rupert Hine (Yahama Piano), Rupert Hine (Auto Harp), Rupert Hine (Arklong), Anthony Head (Backing Vocals), Pam Keevil (Backing Vocals)
Appears On
Between Us (1979)
Murray Head

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