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Lady I Could Serve You Well
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Murray Head

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Date Performance 1979-00-00
Running Time 4:54
Performers Murray Head (Vocals), Rupert Hine (Piano), Bob Weston (Acoustic Guitars), Geoffrey Richardson (Acoustic Guitars), Rupert Hine (Percussion), Rupert Hine (Lujon), Dave Takeno (String Quartet), Roger Smith (String Quartet), Graham Scott (String Quartet), Gavyn/Gavin Wright (String Quartet), Gavyn/Gavin Wright (Strings Led By)
Appears On
Between Us (1979)
Murray Head

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I'm a lover, not a wolf
Got no way to talk, just a simple truth
I don't know how to break the ice
I'm afraid of blowing it and paying out the price
For trying too hard

Lady, I could serve you well, if only I could find the way to tell you.

She has all the strength I lack
I get frightened that she'll turn her back.
She might be one of those awkward kind of women,
That wait until a man comes up to show him she's unwilling to share

Lady, I could serve you well, if only I could find the words to tell

If I chased would you hide ?
Would the forfeit be swallowed pride ?
What's it worth if I unearth
A love that I thought dead ?
Will my questions be unanswered and stay inside my head ?

I can't speak out aloud,
Have to button down my thoughts
Or say it with my eyes
I don't know how to meet you
The terms are in your hands.
I'm not here to defeat you - it's for you to make demands - I don't
know why

But Lady I could serve you well - if only I could find a way to tell

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