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Woman Don't
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Michael Dennis Green

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Date Performance 1980-00-00
Running Time 5:03
Performers Peter Green (Vocals), Peter Green (Guitar), Dave Mattacks (Drums), Paul Westwood (Bass), Lennox Laington (Percussion), Roy Shipston (Keyboards), Mo Foster (Bass)
Appears On
Blue Guitar (1981)
Peter Green
Rock & Pop Legends (1995)
Peter Green
Walkin' The Road/Woman Don't (1980)
Peter Green

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you've been staying out late, you've been coming home all hours
and i've got to know, babe, why you treat me this way
and what you trying to tell me? that our love is over?
well, i've got to ask you, why you damn at me?
woman, don't you know
woman, don't you go
i call you on the phone, babe, but i get no answer
i've got to know now, who's on the other line
yes, i heard it from the grapevine, you have found another
but i've got to ask you, baby, one more time
woman, don't you know
woman, don't you go
don't speak, make sweet music, i did used to sing, baby
but the music is missing, you don't sing no more
now i see you coming but i can see two shadows
i'm standing on the sidewalk and you're not alone
woman, don't you know
woman, don't you go

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