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Prince's Day (Main Title)
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Alan Silvestri

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Date Performance 1994-00-00
Running Time 2:26
Performers Alan Silvestri (Producer)
Commentsby Alan Silvestri
Appears On
Blown Away (1994)
Various Artists

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Though dark are our sorrows, today we'll forget them,
And smile through our tears, like a sunbeam in showers.
There never were hearts, if our rulers would let them,
More formed to be grateful, and blessed than our's.

But just when the chains have ceased to pain,
And hope enwreathed it round with flowers,
There comes a new link our spirits to sink,
Our joy that we taste like the light of the poles,
Is a flash amid darkness too brilliant to stay.

But though t'were the last little spark in our souls,
We must light it up now on our prince's day.

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Most moving Piece in Modern Age
Review written by Anonymous, April 19th, 2006

This is in a class with John Williams, John Rutter and Hans Zimmer for the most moving and lovely pieces in the modern age that speak to all ages. This is a theme that must be expanded as it is too short and you never tire of hearing it.

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Lyrics contributed by Deepak Sagi.