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Goin' Down Slow
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St. Louis Jimmy (James B.) Oden

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Well I've had my fun
If I don't get well, no more
Oh I've had big fun you know
If I don't get well, no more
You see, my health is failin' me
And I'll be goin' down real slow

Won't somebody write my mother
And tell her about the shape I'm in
Won't somebody please write my mother today
Tell her about the shape I'm in
Tell her to say some prayers for me
Now you know I'm thinkin' for myself

Well hey babe, don't say no, nothing
I found out the doctor can't do be no good
Yeah but if you don't send me no lovin' no more
I know that the doctor can't do me no damn good
The doctor's tellin' friends I'm so damn low
Come on baby!

The next train south
Boy, you know my poison
Well the next train south
I don't look for my baby's house
And if you don't see my baby
Well, all you can do is moan
Puttin' on the peacock
Miss my baby, oh
I said, "Please don't worry"
Please don't worry, please don't, please, please
You just got to get by somehow
He's been goin', he's goin', he's goin'
He's been goin', he's goin', he's goin' he's goin'
down, he's goin'
He's goin', he's goin', he's goin' yes he's goin',
he's not goin'
He's not goin', he's goin' out of his birdhouse

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    Performances »
Performance #1:
Date Performance 1976-00-00
Running Time 6:43
Performers Dave Mason (Guitar), Mike Finnigan (Keyboards), Mike Finnigan (Vocals), (Dr.) Rick Jaeger (Drums), Gerald Johnson (Bass), Jim Krueger (Guitar)
Appears On
Certified Live (1976)
Dave Mason
Performance #2:
Date Performance 1980-00-00
Running Time 6:02
Performers Peter Green (Lead Guitar), Brian Knight (Vocal), Brian Knight (Slide Guitar), Chris Tallock (Piano), Dave Farrell (Bass), Simon Bladon (Drums)
Appears On
A Dark Horse (1981)
Brian Knight
Performance #3:
Date Performance 2002-03-00
Performers Tom Jones (Sir Thomas John Woodward, OBE) (Vocals), Jeff (Geoffrey Arnold) Beck (Guitar)
CommentsPerformed by Tom Jones with Jeff Beck (appears courtesy of Epic Records). Billed as "Going Down Slow".
Appears On
The Blues: Red, White & Blues (2003)
Feature Film/TV Episode

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Arc Music Corp./Universal Duchess Music Corp.

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