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Thoughts On A Grey Day
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Aileen Scarrot

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Date Performance 1972-00-00
Running Time 2:03
Sound Clip Listen.
Performers Aileen Scarrot (Vocals)
CommentsSpecial thanks to Mrs. Scarrot for her readings, recorded at her home in Hampshire.
Appears On
Fleetwood Mac: Bare Trees (1972)
Warner Brothers Publications Inc.
Bare Trees (1972)
Fleetwood Mac

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I thank my God
For perfect love and peace
I'll hold her tight
And always
Mine forever
Love, love
So great
So divine
Trees - the grey day has changed everything
It's beautiful, just beautiful
So beautiful this first grey day is ours
My loving child
By grace of God we live, my child,
And love
I crawl to my knees, my dear love
Will you promise to kiss
My perfect healing hands
And fingers
And make a promise to me you will always obey
My each command and never, ever fail me
You'll be mine forevermore
The sun is here
My love
My love
My sun
Our sun complete.
God bless our perfect, perfect grey day
With trees so bare, so bare!
But O so beautiful, so beautiful!
The grey and blue sky
The world is here
Ours, just, justing, just ours
Our own
Hold us tight
I am yours, just a dream
And go on dreaming
May this joy of ours
Never ever cease
My love, my love
Pregnant sweet
Love is tender

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Published by WB Music Corp. - ASCAP

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Unusual, subtle yet immensely powerful
Review written by Anonymous, January 15th, 2014

"Thoughts on A Grey Day" is one the most powerful closes to a marvelously themed album. At first listen many years ago, it was a disappointment yet 40 years later, not a misty day in winter passes that I do bring to mind 'Bare Trees', 'Sunny Side of Heaven', the 'Bare Trees' album cover and Mrs. Scarrott's reading. Is that not true art when ordinary things are elevated to lasting beauty?

This morning was such a morning with a freezing fog and the first light hitting the woodlands behind my house. "it's beautiful, so beautiful, the first grey day is ours...God bless our perfect, perfect grey day, with trees so bare, so bare, but o so beautiful, so beautiful..."

What a perfect close to a perfect album.

Like A Message To Me From My Dad Who Has Died
Review written by A.M. Pritchard, November 29th, 2013

I can't hold back my tears hearing, and reading the words to Mrs. Skarrotts beautiful poem. I was listening to Bare Trees on u-tube. When I heard the song 'Spare Me A Little' it reminded me of a time when my family were happy being friends with one another. I wept and placed my father's picture over my heart.
Then I heard The Poem recited on the last track, and every word rang through my soul, and I was being soothed by my dearest, dearest da - who was half British. He lived for his trees, and the spirits that he believed dwelled within all of them. I know that the profound love that we shared during the last years of his life when I was his loving caregiver will not ever end. It seems that this beautiful poem was his way of letting me know that today. After spending Thansgiving Day alone. I wish everyone could understand the meaning of gratitude that is so beautifully written in the imagery of a grey day being a day full of love for someone. I love this record. I miss my da, but I'm sure that he is with me and all that needs to be settled will be done according to Gods' divine Love. I pray also for the soul of Bob Welch.
try to love your family...

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