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The Last War Song
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Billy Burnette

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Date Performance 1972-00-00
Running Time 3:23
Performers Billy Burnette (Vocals), Chips Moman (Produced By), Reggie Young (Produced By)
Appears On
Billy Burnette (1972)
Billy Burnette

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Oh go now and tell the world about it
Stop this show now
There's too few here to die
We don't want war now

Just go on out and shout it
We've tried so many times to change directions
We've even tried some peaceful demonstrations
I wish this could be
Oh, I wish this could be the last war song

Well I just don't know
Leaders never listen
To anyone you know
They have so many reasons
Telling you the score
And make it sound confusing

Have a war trying to earn your perfection
I wish I could just lose all connection
I wish this could be
I wish this could be the last war song

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Lyrics contributed by Michele Mategrano.