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I'm Gonna Leave You
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Jackie Johnson, Lionel Whitfield

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Date Performance 1969-03-00
Running Time 4:07
Performers Martha Velez (Vocals), Adrian Martins (Assistant Engineer), Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Lead Guitar), Jack Bruce (John Symon Asher) (Bass), Mitch Mitchell (Drums), Duster (Tony/Anthony) Bennett (Harp (Harmonica)), Pete(r) Shelley (Keyboards), Mick Weaver (Wynder K. Frog) (Keyboards), John(ny) Almond (Sax), Chris Mercer (Sax), Geoff/Jeff Condon (Trumpet), Terry Noonan (Trumpet), Bud Parkes (Trumpet), Derek Wadsworth (Trombone), Spit James (Guitar), Rick Hayward (Guitar), John Cevatello (Engineer), Mike Vernon (Production), Derek Varnals (Recording Engineer), Terry Noonan (Brass Arrangements)
CommentsMono Version. Recorded at Decca Studio No. 1, West Hampstead, London. Brass Overdubbed at Morgan Sound Studios. Original Release: Blue Horizon #7-63867 (Fiends & Angels Again"). Courtesy of Warner Music U.K. Ltd. Source: Original analogue tape
Appears On
Fiends & Angels (1969)
Martha Velez
Angels Of The Future/Past (1989)
Martha Velez
The Blue Horizon Story 1965-1970 Vol. 1 (1997)
Various Artists

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