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The Penguin Discography: What A Perfect Way

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What A Perfect Way
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(Richard) Spady Brannan, Billy Burnette, David E. Malloy, Billy (Joe) Walker(, Jr.)

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One of those days
When nothing seems to work out right
On the edge
I can feel my head gettin' tight
And the time is passin' by so slow
Sure with it was time for me to go
For me to go
And when I'm finally homeward bound
Ain't nothin' gonna get me down

Whether every thing is wrong or right
All you gotta do is hold me tight
And what a perfect way
To end another day
What a perfect way

Every morning
When the first sun hits my eyes
I look over
And I see you layin' by my side
Gives me the strength
To last all day long
Your love keeps me goin' strong
Goin' strong
And when it gets
A little out of hand
I know someone who will understand

(Repeat Chorus)

And when I start to loose control
You touch me and I just let go

(Repeat Chorus)

What a perfect way
To end another day, hey

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Running Time 3:10
Performers Billy Burnette (Lead Vocals), Billy Burnette (Acoustic Guitar), Michael/Mike Lawler (Keyboards), Paul Leim/Lime (Drums), Billy (Joe) Walker(, Jr.) (Guitars), (Richard) Spady Brannan (Bass), Jim/James R. Horn (Saxophone), Randy McCormick (Additional Keyboards), Paul Davis (Background Vocals), Ed Seay (Background Vocals), David Humphries (Drum Programming), David E. Malloy (Produced By), Sheri Malloy (Production Assistant), Judy Randolph (Production Assistant), Bob Ludwig (Mastered By)
CommentsRecorded at Emerald Sound Studio, Nashville, TN. Mixed at Record Plant, N.Y., NY. Mastered at Masterdisc, N.Y., NY.
Appears On
Soldier Of Love (0000)
Billy Burnette

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