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Crazy Cool
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Rick Vito

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Man let me tell you all about my girl
She’s the wildest child in the whole free world

She’s crazy cool, man she’s crazy cool
And I’m wild about her, I guess that makes me crazy too!

I take her out on the town to have a fine Merlot
Well man that gal can-a really go!

(Repeat Chorus)

The fortuneteller told me she would be my bride
She says she’s gonna love me till the day I die

(Repeat Chorus)

She’s got a ‘49 Buick, little hot-rod car
But we ain’t never left the back seat so far

(Repeat Chorus)

I found my baby out in Hollywood
Now she’s a country girl and it sure feels good

(Repeat Chorus)

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Date Performance 2001-00-00
Running Time 2:57
Performers Rick Vito (Guitar), Rick Vito (Vocal), Bob Glaub (Bass), Gary Mallaber (Drums), Gary Mallaber (Engineered By), Jim Glass (Engineered By)
Appears On
Crazy Cool (2001)
Rick Vito

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(C) 2001 Vitone Music BMI

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