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Everybody Gets Lucky Sometimes
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Rick Vito, Rich(ard) Feldman

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Date Performance 2001-00-00
Running Time 3:35
Performers Rick Vito (Bass), Rick Vito (Guitar), Rick Vito (Vocal), Rich(ard) Feldman (Rhythm Guitar), Rich(ard) Feldman (Drums), Rich(ard) Feldman (Background Vocals), Mystica (Dee Dee Dickerson) (Background Vocals), Rich(ard) Feldman (Engineered By), Jim Glass (Engineered By), Rich(ard) Feldman (Mixed By), Shane Gue (Mixed By)
Appears On
Crazy Cool (2001)
Rick Vito

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All around the world, people everywhere,
Working hard just to get whatís fair
Ainít asking much, just trying to get by
And light loveís candle around midnight

Everybody gets lucky sometimes
Everybody gets lucky sometimes

I donít care about the future, I donít care about the past
Just looking for love thatís made to last
Iím going down to the railroad tracks
Catch the glory train and bring my baby back

(Repeat Chorus)

I done talked with trouble, it donít follow me around
Iím gonna play this joker, and own this town
I made a deal with the devil, I know he understands
Gonna make the devil see, I donít plan to call his hand

(Repeat Chorus)

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