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One Short Life
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Rick Vito, Steve Moos

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Well the night falls and the darkness covers us all
Thatís what I heard, thatís what I heard
Baby donít cry, Ďcause the stars still shine in the sky
Thatís what I learned

We only have one short life together
Thereís just so little time before itís through
If we only have one short life to make everything work out right
I wanna spend my life loving you

Itís a hard road and it seems such a long way to go
Thatís what I heard, thatís what I heard
Baby, loveís light keeps shining down so bright
Thatís what I learned

(Repeat Chorus)

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Date Performance 2001-00-00
Running Time 4:25
Performers Rick Vito (Guitar), Rick Vito (Vocal), John (Juke) Logan (Organ), Elmo Washington (Bass), Ian Wallace (Drums), Rick Vito (Engineered By), Jim Glass (Engineered By)
Appears On
Crazy Cool (2001)
Rick Vito

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(C) 1998 Vitone Music BMI/Steve Moos Music ASCAP

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