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The Penguin Discography: Meet Me At Midnite

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Meet Me At Midnite
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Rick Vito, Jo(h)n Her(r)on

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Date Performance 1994-00-00
Running Time 4:02
Performers Maria Muldaur (Vocals), Tony Braunagel (Drums), Tony Braunagel (Percussion), Johnny Lee Schell (Guitar), Rick Vito (Guitar), Rick Vito (Slide Guitar), James (Hutch) Hutchinson (Bass), Marty Grebb (Piano), Tommy Eyre (Organ)
CommentsBilled as "Meet Me At Midnight" (even though the album is titled "Meet Me At Midnite").
Appears On
Meet Me At Midnite (1994)
Maria Muldaur

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Meet me at midnite in the pale moonlight
I think you know I wanna treat you right
With the cool breeze blowin’ through your hair
Meet me at midnite, all my love is there

Meet me at midnite at the stroke of the clock
That’s when the spirits say, “It’s time to rock”
When we’re done. baby, we can do it some more
Meet me at midnite, feel my love for sure

Meet me at midnite, meet me at midnite

We’re goin’ down love’s mystery road
It’s a long ride baby, are you ready to go?

Goin’ down to Memphis by the riverside
Let the water roll on us baby, ain’t got nothin’ to hide

Meet me at midnite when we come alive
We’ll go dancin’ to that ju-ju jive
I’ll take you downtown and buy you a rhinestone ring
Meet me at midnite, gonna give you everything

Meet me at midnite, meet me at midnite
Meet me at midnite, meet me at midnite

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Running Time 4:19
Performers Rick Vito (Guitar), Rick Vito (Bass), Rick Vito (Vocal), Ian Wallace (Drums), Mark (T.) Jordan (Organ), Shane Gue (Engineer)
Appears On
Lucky Devils (2000)
Rick Vito

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(C) 2000 Rick Vito, John Herron, Vitone Music BMI, See Johnny Run Songs BMI

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