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Rick Vito

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I can hold you in my arms
If I'm a thousand miles away
And I can know what's on your mind
Without you having a word to say
Oh, don't turn back now
Oh, don't try and figure how
It's stronger now than me or you
Clearer than we ever knew

Intuition, I trust that it's right
Intuition, has me loving you tonight
Intuition, says that it's true
Intuition, I know you're feeling it too
(There) ain't no need for suspicion (ain't no act
of contrition)
I trust this intuition

It might be hard to understand
Not an easy thing to say
I never felt like this before
Or loved in such a powerful way
Oh, there's no turning aside
Oh no, no reason to hide
Everything will be all right
If we only hold on tight


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Date Performance 1992-00-00
Running Time 4:15
Performers Rick Vito (Guitars), Rick Vito (Bass), Rick Vito (Vocal), Stevie Nicks (Background Vocals), Charles (Mojo) Johnson (Drums), Terry Manning (Produced By), Terry Manning (Additional Recording By), Rick Vito (Produced By), Chris Brosius/Broccios/Brocius (Engineered By), Craig (T.) Fall (Engineered By), Lance Quinn (Mixed By), Obie O'Brien (Mixed By)
CommentsRecorded at Score One Recording, North Hollywood, CA. Additional recording at Studio Six, Memphis, TN. Studio 4, Philadelphia, PA.
Appears On
King Of Hearts (1992)
Rick Vito

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(C) 1990 Vitone Music, BMI

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