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I Still Have My Guitar
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Rick Vito

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Date Performance 1992-00-00
Running Time 4:37
Performers Rick Vito (Guitars), Rick Vito (Bass), Rick Vito (Vocal), Jerry Lee Domino (Keys), Charles (Mojo) Johnson (Drums), Terry Manning (Produced By), Terry Manning (Recorded By), Rick Vito (Produced By), Obie O'Brien (Mixed By)
CommentsRecorded at Studio Six, Memphis, TN. Mixed at Sanctuary Studio, Rumson, N.J.
Appears On
King Of Hearts (1992)
Rick Vito

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You've taken your love and gone away
And the promises spoken were for yesterday
Well, you won't see me cry
Or falling all apart
'Cause it's all right
I still have my guitar

I've heard you sing, and heard you cry
But I just don't understand this strange goodbye
I'll never let you see what you're doing to my heart
I will be all right
I still have my guitar

Shadows and rain fall across my mind
But she's always there and we make love every time
No, she's not like you
She's stayed by my side
Faithful and true

Don't let me hear you've been asking about me
Introducing new concern for your old used-to-be
No, don't worry about me
No matter who you think you are
I will be all right
I still have my guitar
No, don't you worry about me
Or this aching in my heart
'Cause it's all right
I still have my guitar (repeat)

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(C) 1990 Vitone Music, BMI

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