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Rick Vito

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Date Performance 1992-00-00
Running Time 3:46
Performers Rick Vito (Guitars), Rick Vito (Vocal), Stevie Nicks (Vocal), Stevie Nicks (Background Vocals), Jerry Lee Domino (Organ), Scott Smith (Bass), Charles (Mojo) Johnson (Drums), Andy Kravitz (Percussion), Donny/Donnie Gerrard/Garrard (Background Vocals), Dexter Dickerson/Dickinson (Background Vocals), Terry Manning (Produced By), Terry Manning (Additional Recording By), Rick Vito (Produced By), Gary Mallaber (Recorded By), Brian Malouf (Mixed By)
CommentsRecorded at Orchard Studio, Sherman Oaks, CA. Additional recording at Image Studio, Los Angeles, CA and Studio Six, Memphis, TN. Mixed at Post Logic Studio, Hollywood, CA.
Appears On
King Of Hearts (1992)
Rick Vito
Desiree/Knock Me Down (1992)
Rick Vito

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Eyes of black and skin so white
She moves so easily in through the night
You feel her power, she takes yours away
With your heart and soul you'll give her anything she says,
Mother tell son, "only true love waits"
But he won't hear the warning till it's far too late
And mama says...

Desiree will break your heart
Her rhythm and blues will tear you all apart, son
Desiree will break your heart
And you can't kick the habit once she makes it start, son
She's the one who practiced the art
She's gonna break your heart

Silhouette against a fading sky
Queen of the fools, all prepared to die
She whispers magic, she smiles a dream
You think it must be love but it ain't what it seems
Miles from nowhere with no place to stay
She'll leave you stranded all alone out on the lost highway
And mama says...


The wind cries, a girl's voice sings
You turn to see her, but don't find a thing
Ain't nothing left but your foolish desire
And the cold all around will not cool this fire
Mother tell son, "for true love you must wait"
But he won't hear the warning until it's far too late
And mama says...


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(C) 1991 Vitone Music, BMI

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