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I'll Never Leave This Love Alive
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Rick Vito

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Date Performance 1992-00-00
Running Time 4:26
Performers Rick Vito (Guitars), Rick Vito (Bass), Rick Vito (Vocal), Jerry Lee Domino (Organ), Charles (Mojo) Johnson (Drums), Terry Manning (Produced By), Terry Manning (Recorded By), Rick Vito (Produced By), Obie O'Brien (Additional Engineering By), Obie O'Brien (Mixed By)
CommentsRecorded at Studio Six, Memphis, TN. Mixed at Sanctuary Studio, Rumson, N.J.
Appears On
King Of Hearts (1992)
Rick Vito

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We loved each other such a long, long time
It was so good, I was yours and you were mine
But baby, something happened along the way
I saw a change come over you like night and day
Now it's killing me to know someone else is loving you
My heart is turning black and blue

I'll never leave this love alive
I'll never leave this love alive, oh no
And if you break my heart again I know I'll die
I'll never leave this love alive

Now, you don't know what goes through my mind
But every day my love gets lost in time
And every night I have the strangest dream
It gives me chills how real it seems
I'm high up on a ledge, my back against the wall
You whisper, "Jump," and then I fall


Spare me the details, baby
There ain't nothing good left to say
Don't your conscience ever bother you
To see me on my knees this way


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(C) 1987 Vitone Music, BMI

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