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Randy (Randall Stuart) Newman

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Have you seen my Marie?
She's gone off somewhere
If she wanders in here, babe
Tell her I'm lookin' for her
I ain't mad or nothin'
I just wanna talk

You know, Mikey
We've been friends a long time
You tell me all your troubles
And I've always told you mine
North Beach has changed though
Since we were growin' up
Didn't used to be any spades here, now you got 'em
Didn't used to be any Mexicans here, now you got 'em
Didn't used to be any Chinamen here
Didn't used to be this ugly music playing all the time
Where are we, on the moon?
Whatever happened to the old songs, Mikey?
Like the Duke of Earl
Mikey, whatever happened to the fucking Duke of Earl?

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Date Performance 1983-00-00
Running Time 2:10
Performers Randy (Randall Stuart) Newman (Vocals), Randy (Randall Stuart) Newman (Synthesizer), Michael/Mike Boddicker (Synthesizer), Michael/Mike Boddicker (Piano), Lenny Castro (Percussion), Nathan East (Bass), Steve Lukather (Guitar), David/Dave (Baby) Paich (Fender Rhodes), David/Dave (Baby) Paich (Farfisa), Jeff(rey) Porcaro (Drums), Jim/James R. Horn (Horn Section), Jon Smith (Horn Section), Mark Lin(n)et(t)(e) (Engineered By)
Appears On
Trouble In Paradise (1983)
Randy (Randall Stuart) Newman

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