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The Penguin Discography: Show Me Some Affection

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Show Me Some Affection
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Dave Mason

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Date Performance 1974-00-00
Running Time 3:22
Performers Dave Mason (Guitar), Dave Mason (Lead Vocals), Jim Krueger (Guitar), Jim Krueger (Vocals), Mike Finnigan (Keyboards), Mike Finnigan (Vocals), Bob Glaub (Bass), (Dr.) Rick Jaeger (Drums), Richard Bennett (Pedal Steel Guitar), Tim Weisberg (Flute), Gar(r)y Barone (Horn Section), Jock Ellis (Horn Section), Jerry (Jerome) Jumanville/Jumonville (Horn Section), Sal Marquez (Horn Section)
Appears On
Show Me Some Affection (0000)
Dave Mason
Dave Mason (0000)
Dave Mason
The Best Of Dave Mason (0000)
Dave Mason
Long Lost Friend: The Best Of Dave Mason (0000)
Dave Mason
Show Me Some Affection/Get Ahold On Love (0000)
Dave Mason

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To some I am a blessing
To others I'm a curse
I'm a writer not a fighter
I'm a person not a verse
I may be just an easy touch
And taken for a whore
But I just came to leave
A little loving at your door

Ooooh, show me some affection
Ooooh, give me some direction
Ooooh, you know you're my connection

Just a jet-age gypsy
Lookin' for a gypsy queen
I sometimes think I'm on the brink
Of knowing what I mean
Cities come and cities go
And still I cannot find
A place to call a home
When there's a woman on my mind


If hanging out with you
Was spent by hanging in
I'd still be out of time, with time
Just waiting to begin
I have no preconceived ideas
Of how things have to be
I'll just take life as it comes
And hope that it takes me

(Repeat Chorus twice)

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Running Time 4:35
Performers Dave Mason (Vocals), Mike Finnigan (Keyboards), (Dr.) Rick Jaeger (Drums), Gerald Johnson (Bass), Jim Krueger (Guitar)
Appears On
Certified Live (0000)
Dave Mason

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