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The Penguin Discography: Eye Of The Hurricane

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Eye Of The Hurricane
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Bob Weston

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I know a storm surrounds you
How long its been there god knows.
But now we've found each other
We run and laugh like children
In the rain.
I see a rainbow round you
It's always been there
It was lost but now it's
Found again
It was lost but now it's found again.

We lay awake all night long
Just listening to the rhythm
Of rain drops falling on the window pane
We heard the roaring thunder
So loud it took our breath
Resting in the eye of a hurricane
Resting in the eye of a hurricane.

In the morning we may find
So much lost and left behind
And the bridges that we've crossed
All washed away.
In the warmth of the sun
We will dry our tears and run
Further down the road from yesterday
Further down the road from yesterday
And as we walk together
We look across our shoulder
Behind us distant clouds
There rolling by.
This road that we are travelling
It seems to reach and touch
A clear blue sky
Seems to reach out and touch
A clear blue sky.

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Running Time 5:26
Performers Bob Weston (Gtr), Bob Weston (Vocals), Geoffrey Richardson (2nd Gtr), Richard Bailey (Drums), Mick(ey) Feat/Fiat (Bass), Derek Austin (Piano), Derek Austin (Prophet 5), Helen Henderson (Backing Vocals)
Appears On
Nightlight (0000)
Bob Weston

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Published by Editions Panache Music

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