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The Penguin Discography: One More Time With Feeling

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One More Time With Feeling
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Lola Thomas

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I promised myself never again
Didn't think this broken heart was ever going to mend
And I tried so hard not to let it show
But I'm lying to myself at night, that much I know
Despite all the tears that I've cried
My heart tells me to try, baby

One more time with feeling
This love's worth believing in
I'll put my heart in your hands
All my dreams in your bed
Lay it all on the line for you
One more time with feeling

Baby you bring me joy, take away my blues
And oh my heart goes sailing with just the mention of you
I could never be the same
I could never let you go
It's in your touch, your kiss, your smile
That much I know

Despite all my fears tonight
My heart tells me to try, baby

Chorus (Repeat)

So I wait for you with open arms
You know I'm trusting baby
That you will do me no harm
And I wish upon a star, I say a little prayer
That when I awake I'll find you there

Just look into my eyes
Say that you want to try baby


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Performance #1:
Running Time 4:56
Performers John McVie (Bass), Lola Thomas (Vocals), Lee Spath (Drums), Jim(my) Pugh (Piano), Dave/David Karl Plehn/Plenn (Charts), Dave/David Karl Plehn/Plenn (Guitars), John McVie (Background Vocals), Jim(my) Pugh (Hammond B3), Mick Taylor (Guitars), Wayne Jackson (Horns), Andrew Love (Horns), Brad Dutz (Percussion), Billy Burnette (Guitars), Billy Burnette (Background Vocals), George (M.) Hawkins(, Jr.) (Background Vocals)
Appears On
John McVie's Gotta Band With Lola Thomas (0000)
John McVie
Best Buy Presents Fleetwood Mac: Tour '97 (0000)
Various Artists
Now I Know/One More Time With Feeling (0000)
John McVie

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