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Love And Mercy/He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move (1988) - Brian Wilson

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Brian Wilson

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Side A:
Love And MercyLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1988, Running Time: 2:55
  Comments: Engineered at Dolphin Sound, Honolulu. Mixed at A&M Studios, Los Angeles.
Side B:
He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To MoveLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1988, Running Time: 2:36
  Comments: Mixed at Ground Control (4/29/88).
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Michael Andreas, Michael Bernard, Stuart Blumberg, Jeff(rey) (S.) Bova, Jim(my) Bralower, Lindsey Buckingham, Lance Buller, Robbie Condor, Andy/Andrew Dean, Elliot Easton, Todd Herreman, Tris Imboden, Hymen Katz, Harry Kim, Kevin S. Lesley/Leslie, Steve Lindsey, Jeff Lynne, Jay Migliori, Frank Morocco, Rob Mounsey, Andy Paley, Dean Parks, Bob Riley, Philippe Saisse, Tony Selvage/Salvage, Carol Steele, The Baystate Bluegrass Band, Larry (Lawrence Lowell) William(s)

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Single

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Lindsey Buckingham (Songwriter), Brian Wilson (Songwriter), Jeff(rey) (S.) Bova (Programming), Tom Biener (Assistant Engineer), Rick Caughron (Assistant Engineer), Claudio Ordenes (Assistant Engineer), Will Rogers (Assistant Engineer), Roger Talkov (Assistant Engineer), Craig Vogel (Assistant Engineer), Dave Way (Assistant Engineer), Russ Titelman (Produced By), Brian Wilson (Produced By), Ron Klohs (Engineered By), Jim Linkner (Engineered By), Mark Lin(n)et(t)(e) (Mixed By), Hugh Padgham (Mixed By), Bob (Trigger) Vogt (Mixing Assisted By), Jim(my) Bralower (Drum Programming), Brian Wilson (Vocal Arrangements), Michael Bernard (Synthesizer Programming), Robbie Condor (Synthesizer Programming), Andy/Andrew Dean (Synthesizer Programming), Steve Lindsey (Synthesizer Programming), Philippe Saisse (Synthesizer Programming), Larry (Lawrence Lowell) William(s) (Synthesizer Programming), Lindsey Buckingham (Co-Produced With/By), Robbie Kilgore (Keyboard Programming)

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Discography entry submitted by Anthony Chacon, Johannes Dittler & Mark Trauernicht.