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Live At Red Rocks (1987) - Stevie Nicks

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Stevie Nicks

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Outside The RainLyrics availableFan interpretation available
  Date Performance: 1986-08-20, Running Time: 4:00
DreamsLyrics availableFan interpretation available Tabs available Midi available
  Date Performance: 1986-08-20, Running Time: 4:32
Talk To MeLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1986-08-20, Running Time: 3:58
I Need To KnowLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1986-08-20, Running Time: 2:18
No Spoken WordLyrics availableFan interpretation available
  Date Performance: 1986-08-20, Running Time: 4:27
Beauty And The BeastLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1986-08-20, Running Time: 6:20
  Comments: Although Mick Fleetwood is seen in clips of the video portion of this performance from the Live At Red Rocks VHS/DVD, he doesn't appear to be playing on the audio of this performance.
Stand BackLyrics availableFan interpretation available Midi available
  Date Performance: 1986-08-20, Running Time: 6:47
  Comments: Brad Jeffries dances with Stevie in the video portion of this performance.
Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For YouLyrics availableFan interpretation available Midi available
  Date Performance: 1986-08-20, Running Time: 4:59
Edge Of SeventeenLyrics availableFan interpretation available Tabs available Midi available
  Date Performance: 1986-08-20, Running Time: 14:34
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Sharon Celani, Jennifer Condos, Mick Fleetwood, Peter Frampton, (Ms.) Bobbye Hall, Brad Jeffries, Rick Marotta, Bobby/Robert A. Martin, Lori Perry-Nicks/Perry/Nicks, Waddy (Robert) Wachtel, Jai (Jay) Winding, Elis(e)cia Wright

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Richard Erwin (Engineer), Rabia Dockray (Producer), Doug Casper (Tour Manager), Stevie Nicks (Songwriter), Stevie Nicks (Songwriter), Keith Olsen (Songwriter), Tom Petty (Songwriter), Tom Petty (Songwriter), Chas (Charles) Sandford (Songwriter), Annette Cirillo (Executive Producer), Tom Kuhn (Executive Producer), J(ean) C(laude) Bonnardot (Production Assistant), Dax Callner (Production Assistant), Scott Souther (Production Assistant), Gary Grimm (Drum Technician), Derry Haws (Makeup), Christi(e) Thomason/Thomason-Alsbury (Makeup), Tim Lamb (Stage Manager), Curry Grant (Lighting Director), Richard S. Kaufman (Editor), Marty Callner (Directed By), Harri Mark (Associate Producer), Thomas E(dward) Ackerman (Director Of Photography), Brian Bogle (Production Coordinator), Rabia Dockray (Produced By), Shelly Yakus (Produced By), Shelly Yakus (Mixed By), Cream Cheese (Productions) (Production), Marty Callner (Director), Tom Kipphut (Production Manager), Doug Major (Production Manager), Rick Coberly (Sound), Danny Faust (Sound), Tad Inferera (Lights), Brad Mietzner (Lights), Jeff Sochko (Lights), Terry Donohue (Technical Director), Michael Denecke (Audio Engineer), Randy Ezratty/Ezratti (Audio Engineer), Doug Lacy (Keyboard Technician), Mark Billes (Assistant Tour Manager), Dennis Dunstan (Security), Lookout Management (Stevie Nicks Management), Jesse Chapman (Bass Technician), Jerry Gendron (Tour Accountant), Joel Magarian (Rigger), Charles Ness (Carpenter), Carl Edwards (Truck Driver), Rusty Herbert (Truck Driver), John Herbert (Truck Driver), Earl Menderos (Truck Driver), Mike Wazorick (Truck Driver), Glen Par(r)ish (Personal Assistant), Christopher Nicks (Creative Consultant), Yutaka Kawana (Produced In Association With), Jeff Tornberg (Produced In Association With), Lightyear Entertainment, L.P. (Program Content), Lightyear Entertainment, L.P. (Program Artwork), Image Entertainment, Inc. (DVD Package Design), Jim Goldsworthy (Camera Assistant), Sandy Helbald (Camera Assistant), Matt King (Camera Assistant), Anne Lukacs (Camera Assistant), Chris Magee (Camera Assistant), Mark McLaughlin (Camera Assistant), Jim Osborne (Camera Assistant), Lowel(l) Pierce/Peirce (Camera Assistant), Kevin Duckett (Assistant Editor), Leland Gray (Assistant Editor), Ron Volz (Special Effects), Randall Gladstein (Post Production Supervisor), David Devine (Camera Loader), John Goerner (Camera Loader), Robert Keslow (Camera Loader), Robert F. Smith (Camera Loader), Dan Delgado (Gaffer), Ted Rhodes (Key Grip), Arch Bryant (Camera Operator), Jim Carter (Camera Operator), Bryan Duggan (Camera Operator), Michael Hofstein (Camera Operator), Bob(by) Keys (Camera Operator), Doug Knapp (Camera Operator), David Parrish (Camera Operator), Robert Primes (Camera Operator), George Stevenson (Camera Operator), Rick Favaso/Favazzo (Louma Technician), Lightyear Entertainment, L.P. (Program Summary), Joan Aceste (Executive In Charge Of Production), Arnold J. Holland (Executive In Charge Of Production), Brad Jeffries (Dance Sequence), Stevie Nicks (Dance Sequence), Shelly Yakus (Post Production Music Supervisor), Shelly Yakus (Music Re-Mixing), John Arnoldy (Tour Merchandising), Christopher Nicks (Tour Merchandising), Randy Skirvin (Tour Merchandising), Dan Nash (Post Production Music Supervisor Astd By), Dan Nash (Music Re-Mixing Assisted By), Dan Nash (Post Production Music Assistant), Bob (Trigger) Vogt (Post Production Music Assistant), Waddy (Robert) Wachtel (Post Production Music Coordinator), Lori Perry-Nicks/Perry/Nicks (Post Production Background Vocal Cordntr), Stephen/Steve Barncard (Post Production Audio Engineer), Jonathan Little (Post Production Audio Engineer), Gary Mannon (Post Production Audio Engineer), Mike/Michael Morongell (Post Production Audio Engineer), Cheri Lazerus (Audio Scheduling), Bill Lazerus (Post Production Audio Sweetening), Car(e)y Butler (Post Production Audio Sweetening Asistnt), Greg Dennen (Post Production Audio Sweetening Asistnt), Greg Edward(s) (Production Audio Mixer), Lou Carlouchi (Special Effects Assistant), Patrick C. Millier (Telecine Colorist), Adriene Gail Henry (Video Tape Operator), Debbie E. Hill (Video Tape Operator), Scott Sevick (Video Tape Operator), Todd Young (Video Tape Operator), John Sanders (Electronic Graphics), Margi Kent (Costumes By), Kim Brakel(e)y (Wardrobe Mistress), Christi Ducos (Wardrobe Assistant), Marilyn Dunstan (Wardrobe Assistant), Andrea Farber (Wardrobe Assistant), Kate Rose (Wardrobe Assistant), Authur Smith (Vari Lights), Effanel Music, Inc. (Audio Facilities Provided By), Modern VideoFilm (Post Production Video Facilities Prvd By), A & M Recording Studios (Post Production Audio Facilities Prvd By)

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Sony/Image Entertainment

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R0650 (Sony VHS) ID4703LYDVD (Image DVD)

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(C) 1987 RVP Productions, Inc. presents

From the Rock A Little tour

A One-Hour Concert

STEVIE NICKS LIVE AT RED ROCKS captures this sensual, poetic artist in the breathtaking, natural surroundings of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The state-of-the-art special effects set the stage for Stevie and her special guests, Mick Fleetwood and Peter Frampton. Your music video collection shouldn't be without this superb film performance.

Featuring special guests:
Mick Fleetwood &
Peter Frampton

Includes the hits:
Stand Back
Edge Of Seventeen
Talk To Me

Special thanks to Modern Records, Rebecca Alvarez & Howard Kaufman

And most important...Thank you Red Rocks, Colorado



(C) 1987, 1995 Lightyear Entertainment, L.P.
(C) 1998 Distributed exclusively by Image Entertainment, Inc.
9333 Oso Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311


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This disc is encoded with an uncompressed PCM soundtrack for optimum steroe fidelity.

All Rights Reserved.

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WARNING: The program contained in this DVD is authorized for private home use only. All other rights are retained by the copyright proprietor. The FBI investigates allegations of copyright infringement, and federal law provides severe criminal and civil penalties for those found to be in violation.

Made in U.S.A.

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