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White Boy Blues (1985) - Various Artists

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Cliff Barton, Cliff Barton, Cliff Barton, Cliff Barton, Jeff (Geoffrey Arnold) Beck, Ian Charles, John Charles, Eric (Patrick) Clapton, Eric (Patrick) Clapton, Eric (Patrick) Clapton, Cyril Davies (& The) Blues Allstars, Cyril Davies, Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page, Hughie Flint, Kim(me) Gard(e)ner, Nicky Hopkins, Nicky Hopkins, Nicky Hopkins, Nicky Hopkins, John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers, Carlo Little, Carlo Little, Carlo Little, Carlo Little, Jon Lord, John Mayall, John McVie, Jimmy (James Patrick) Page, Jimmy (James Patrick) Page, Santa Barbara Machine Head, Jeremy Spencer, Jeremy Spencer, The All Stars & Jeff Beck, The All Stars & Jimmy Page, The All Stars & Nicky Hopkins, The Levi Set, Twink (John Charles Alder), Ron(nie) Wood

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Snake Drive
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:28
  Comments: by Eric Clapton
West Coast Idea
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:17
  Comments: by Eric Clapton
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 1:24
  Comments: by Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page
I'm Your Witchdoctor
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:14
Tribute To Elmore
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:12
  Comments: by Eric Clapton
Freight Loader
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:47
  Comments: by Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page
Miles Road
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:25
  Comments: by Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page
Telephone Blues
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 3:58
Draggin' My Tail
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 3:12
  Comments: by Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page
Down In The Boots
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 3:26
  Comments: by The All Stars & Jimmy Page
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:40
  Comments: by The All Stars & Jeff Beck
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:23
  Comments: by The All Stars & Jeff Beck
L.A. Breakdown
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:04
  Comments: by The All Stars & Jimmy Page
Piano Shuffle
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:58
  Comments: by The All Stars & Nicky Hopkins
Someday Baby
  Date Performance: 1963, Running Time: 2:47
  Comments: by The All Stars & Cyril Davies
Porcupine Juice
  Date Performance: 1967, Running Time: 3:13
  Comments: by Santa Barbara & Machine Head (though sometimes billed as "Santa Barbara Machine Head")
Rubber Monkey
  Date Performance: 1967, Running Time: 2:37
  Comments: by Santa Barbara & Machine Head (though sometimes billed as "Santa Barbara Machine Head")
  Date Performance: 1967, Running Time: 3:19
  Comments: by Santa Barbara & Machine Head (though sometimes billed as "Santa Barbara Machine Head")
Who's Knocking
  Date Performance: 1967, Running Time: 2:33
  Comments: by Jeremy Spencer. Actually recorded by Jeremy's first band, the Levi Set, at Decca Studios in the spring of '67
Look Down At My Woman
  Date Performance: 1967, Running Time: 3:07
  Comments: by Jeremy Spencer. Actually recorded by Jeremy's first band, the Levi Set, at Decca Studios in the spring of '67
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Mick Jagger, Ian Stewart, Charlie (Charles Robert) Watts, Bill Wyman

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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Songwriter), Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Songwriter), Gus Dudgeon (Songwriter), Sleepy John Estes (Adams) (Songwriter), Jon Lord (Songwriter), Jon Lord (Songwriter), John Mayall (Songwriter), John Mayall (Songwriter), Jimmy (James Patrick) Page (Songwriter), Jimmy (James Patrick) Page (Songwriter), Jimmy (James Patrick) Page (Songwriter), Jeremy Spencer (Songwriter), Jeremy Spencer (Songwriter), Shoot That Tiger! (Design), Jon Tiven (Liner Notes)

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Castle Communications

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The incestuous musical situation which existed in the U.K. during the late Sixties has made an Indelible stamp on the music of today. Groups would swap members for recordings, the looseness of the day permitted collaboration, and the prevailing atmosphere owed more to the music than to the music business. This was best typified in the recordings issued by Immediate Records, a company led by then Rolling Stones-manager/producer Andrew Oldham. Oldham encouraged his charges to write songs for one another, guest on each others' recordings, and bring their talented friends in to make records.

One of Andrew Oldham's talented proteges was a young session guitarist named Jimmy Page. Page had been guesting on records by The Rolling Stones and The Kinks, and was also playing in The Yardbirds during its latter stages. Page was given the chance to record his friends - most notably Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton - jamming in a no-pressure situation, trading licks with them, and getting co-compositional credit on most of the twelve-bar blues songs they laid down. All of these players were in the top of their form back then, and these one-take tossoffs now stand among the best of their work.

The personnel on these tracks varies a bit, but for the most part the rhythm section of the Clapton/Page tracks consists of Rolling Stones Bill Wyman (bass), Ian Stewart (piano), Mick Jagger (mouth harp), and Chris Winters (could this be Charlie Watts?) on drums.

The John Mayall tracks feature Eric Clapton (guitar), John McVie (bass), and Hughie Flint (drums).

The All Stars were originally Cyril Davies' group, and the one track which he is present on is one of the very few ever made, as this British Blues progenitor met an early death. However, his rhythm section of Cliff Barton (bass), Carlo Little (drums), and Nicky Hopkins (piano) was reunited a year and a half after Davies passed away to make these recordings with special guests Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Beck and Page were not in the original band, but owed much to Cyril Davies when it came down to the popularization of the genre of British Blues.

Santa Barbara Machine Head was a short-lived group whose members achieved greater notoriety long after these recordings were issued. Ronnie Wood (guitar) is now in The Rolling Stones, having served time as Rod Stewart's better half in The Faces and The Jeff Beck Group. Jon Lord is currently found in the recently reformed Deep Purple, where his distinctive keyboard approach always had a home. Kim Gardener (bass) played in various ill-fated bands, one of which was the legendary Creation, and drummer Twink made his mark in Tomorrow and the Pretty Things.

Lastly is guitarist Jeremy Spencer, a classic slide guitarist who distinguished himself in Fleetwood Mac, blew everybody's mind, and then retired from the music business.

Long out of print but never out of date, these are the sessions that were. There has never been a white blues explosion to equal this one, and there never will be. Never was so much talent contained in so small a space, but here are the results on two albums.

-Jon Tiven

(P) 1985 Castle Communications Limited
Unit 7
271 Merton Road
SW18 5JS

Made in France by M.P.O.

This album contains early recordings which can reveal quality limitations of the tape source

The Compact Disc Digital Audio System offers the best possible sound reproduction - on a small, convenient sound-carrier unit.

The Compact Disc's remarkable performance is the result of a unique combination of digital playback with laser optics. For the best results, you should apply the same care in storing and handling the Compact Disc as with conventional records.

No furher cleaning will be necessary if the Compact Disc is always held by the edges and is replaced in its case directly after playing. Should the Compact Disc become soiled by fingerprints, dust or dirt, it can be wiped (always in a straight line, from center to edge) with a clean and lint-free, soft, dry cloth. No solvent or abrasive cleaner should ever be used on the disc.

If you follow these suggestions, the Compact Disc will provide a lifetime of pure listening enjoyment.

WARNING: Copyright subsists in all recordings issued under this label. In the United Kingdom, licenses for the use of recordings for public performance many be obtained from
Phonographic Performance Ltd.
Ganton House
14-22 Ganton Street

All Rights of the producer and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved.

Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, hiring, lending, copying or re-recording of this record thereof in any manner whatsoever prohibited & will constitute an infringement of such copyright.


Compact Disc Digital Audio

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Good collection of obscure numbers
Review written by John Fitzgerald, July 7th, 2005

It's surprising how pop orientated "I'm your witchdoctor" sounds as apparently Clapton left The Yardbirds because he felt as though they were too pop and not enough blues. It has been rumored that Jimmy Page in fact played on this track but whatever the case, Eric must have wondered what he had got himself into but an urgent, effective tune all the same. John Mcvie thumps away on bass on this one as well as that rare single's B-side, the slow blues "Telephone blues". The Jeremy Spencer Immediate single is also included here coupling both piano driven sides, the speedy boogie woogie of "Who's knocking" and the sad slow "Look down at my woman". The rest mainly feature the three main Yardbird axemen (Clapton, Beck & Page) in various six string moods and like it's sequel, sound quality is as good as it can be with such rare recordings, this set is better and more useful overall than volume two.

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"I'm Your Witchdoctor" is by John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (with John McVie)
"Telephone Blues" is by John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (with John McVie)

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Discography entry submitted by Jeremy Spencer & Marty Adelson.