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Venus And Mars (1975) - Wings (Paul McCartney & Wings)

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Geoff Britton, Linda (Louise) Eastman (McCartney), Joe English, Denny Laine, Paul (James) McCartney, Jimmy McCulloch

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Regular Album Tracklisting:
Venus And MarsLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 1:18
Rock ShowLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 5:30
Love In SongLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 3:04
You Gave Me The AnswerLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 2:14
Magneto And Titanium ManLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 3:16
Letting GoLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 4:32
Venus And MarsLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 2:05
  Comments: (Reprise)
Spirits Of Ancient EgyptLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 3:03
Medicine JarLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 3:36
Call Me Back AgainLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 4:58
Listen To What The Man SaidLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 4:01
Treat Her Gently (Lonely Old People)Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 4:20
Crossroads ThemeInstrumental
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 0:59
CD Reissue Bonus Tracks:
Zoo GangInstrumental
  Date Performance: 1974, Running Time: 1:59
  Comments: (P) 1974 Paul McCartney's theme music for a TV thriller series, released in Britain in June 1974 as the B-side of Band On The Run.
Lunch Box/Odd SoxInstrumental
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 3:48
  Comments: (P) 1980 An instrumental jam from the Venus And Mars sessions in New Orleans, first issued in April 1980 on other side of the single Coming Up.
My CarnivalLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 3:56
  Comments: (P) 1985 A Mardi Gras inspired track from the same New Orleans sessions of early 1975, with a guest appearance by The Meters. First released ten years later, as the B-side of Spies Like Us in Noverber 1985.
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Dave Mason, Joe (Joseph Zigaboo/Ziggy) Modeliste, Joe (Joseph Zigaboo/Ziggy) Modeliste, Art(hur) (Lannon) Neville, Cyril (Garrett) Neville, Art(hur) (Lannon) Neville, Cyril (Garrett) Neville, Leo Nocentelli, Leo Nocentelli, George Porter(, Jr.), George Porter(, Jr.), Tom Scott, The Meters, Allen (Tousan) Toussaint (Naomi Neville), Kenneth (Afro) Williams

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Colin Allen (Songwriter), Linda (Louise) Eastman (McCartney) (Songwriter), Linda (Louise) Eastman (McCartney) (Songwriter), Tony Hatch (Songwriter), Paul (James) McCartney (Songwriter), Paul (James) McCartney (Songwriter), Jimmy McCulloch (Songwriter), Jimmy McCulloch (Songwriter), Paul (James) McCartney (Produced By), Paul (James) McCartney (Produced By), Geoff Emerick (Engineered By), Alan O'Duffy (Engineered By), Tony Dorsey (Arranged By), Paul (James) McCartney (Arranged By), Paul (James) McCartney (Arranged By), Linda (Louise) Eastman (McCartney) (Cover Photo), Linda (Louise) Eastman (McCartney) (Cover Photo), George Hardie (Graphics), Hipgnosis (Double Page), Sylvia De Swaan (Black And White Double Page Photo)

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Capitol Records

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SMAS-11419 (US LP) PCTC 254 (UK LP) 0777 7 89241 2 8 (Parlaphone Expanded CD Reissue)

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Recorded January-April 1975 at Sea Saint (New Orleans) and Wally Heider L.A. (The Pit!)

Double page Hipgnosis (Location N. California)

Black and White double page photo Sylvia de Swaan (Location New Orleans)

Balls pictures (Location N. California)

Having had such a ball we would like to propose a toast to the following: Marshall, Ken, Biff, Mike, Steve, Terry, Gary, Dennis and "The Crowd" (without whom it would all have been possible)

Rock on lovers everywhere, because that's basically it.

CD Reissue notes:

Please note there will be a 10 second break between original and bonus tracks.


Original (P) date 1975 except where noted

Digital Remasters (P) 1993

The copyright in this sound recording is owned (by) MPL Comminications Inc. under exclusive license to EMI Records Ltd.

Original artwork (C) 1975

Revised layout (P) 1993

The Paul McCartney Collection
16 albums on CD and cassette from a man who needs no introduction. Digitally remastered and featuring original cover art. 10 of the 16 albums include newly added bonus tracks.

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Venus And Mars
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Press To Play
Flowers in the Dirt

Still available:

Wings Over America
All The Best!
Tripping The Live Fantastic
Tripping - Highlights!
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Place of manufacture as stanted on label

Distributed by EMI

Printed in the U.K.

Compact Disc Digital Audio

F: PM 516

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Worth it for Listen to what the man said if not more
Review written by John Fitzgerald, June 27th, 2005

Here's another album that has just one track that Dave Mason plays on but it's a good one, he plays guitar on the number one (US) hit "Listen to what the man said". This track still stands up today as one of McCartney's best songs I think and though Mason's guitar is not particularly distinctive, you can hear "a" rhythm guitar on the off beats which might be him and this irresistible happy sing a long makes this album worth it alone. As for the rest, the CD edition has three bonus tracks, "Zoo gang" is an almost driving instrumental but it's mostly forgettable featuring accordion breaths, "Lunch box/Odd sox" is a mainly piano featured instrumental but it can't decide if it wants to be a reggae or a straightforward driver (maybe this explains the mixed together titles?) and "My carnival" tries to be uplifting party cheer but it just doesn't work and one can see why this one was left out in the cold originally the most out of all three CD only bonus tracks. As for the rest of the album itself, the opening title track is an effective childlike acoustic doodle which then goes right in to the bursting but controlled rocker "Rock show". We later revisit the title track in "Venus and Mars (Reprise)" which has more echoy vocals and is probably more complete as a song but the above mentioned track is the better one out of the two versions I'd say. "Love in song" is an acoustic but mid tempo jangler in which I can hear a little influence rubbing off from this on to 10CC's "I'm Mandy fly me" possibly. "You gave me the answer" is strings & piano whimsical pop which will remind many of songs from Paul's Beatles days such as "When Im 64". The electric piano bouncer "Magneto and titanium man" has a slight boogie feel and "Letting go" has shuffling rhythms but quietly suspenseful electric guitar parts. "Spirits of ancient Egypt" is another light electric skipping boogie, "Medicine jar" is an up tempo shouting rocker and "Call me back again" is a stroll on which the piano interestingly keeps the rhythms going. "Treat her gently (Lonely old people)" comes in right after "Listen to what the man said" (probably the reason as to why many compilations etc. have LTWTMS faded out and they also usually cut off the low grumbling "good to see you down in New Orleans man" voice at the beginning of the track so the song starts in a more commercial way) and THG(LOP) is a piano featured catchy slow dragger. The (regular album) closing "Crossroads theme", believe it or not, is in fact the theme to the popular British TV show. Though it's a nice siren guitar mid tempo instrumental, it only lasts about 59 seconds. All in all, "Venus and Mars" is worth it for the hard to dislike number one smash listed above but other interesting tidbits will arise that color in the blander moments.

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Discography entry submitted by Steve MacDougall & Jeff Kenney.