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Sounds Of The Eighties: 1980 (1995) - Various Artists

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Robert (Earl) (Kool) Bell, Pat Benatar (Giraldo), Blondie, George (Melvin) (Funky) Brown, Lindsey Buckingham, Rocky Burnette, Irene Cara, Christopher Cross, Mick Fleetwood, Fleetwood Mac, Steven Greenberg, Deborah/Debbie Harry, James Honeyman-Scott, Chrissie Hynde, Jermaine Jackson, Elton John (Reginald Dwight), Kool & The Gang, Lipps, Inc., Jimmy Marinos, Brian May, Christine McVie, John McVie, Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara), Robert (Spike) Mickens, Olivia Newton-John, Stevie Nicks, Gary Numan, Wally Palmar, Anita Pointer, Ruth Pointer, June Pointer-Whitmore, Queen, Smokey (William) Robinson, Mike Skill, Charles (Claydes Eugene) Smith, Donna Summer, James (Warren) (J.T.) Taylor, The Pointer Sisters, The Pretenders, The Romantics

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 2:45
  Comments: by Queen
What I Like About You
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 2:58
  Comments: by The Romantics
Brass In Pocket
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 3:06
  Comments: by The Pretenders
Let's Get Serious
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 3:38
  Comments: by Jermaine Jackson
SaraLyrics availableFan interpretation available Midi available
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 4:38
  Comments: (Edit)
Call Me (Theme From "American Gigolo")
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 3:34
  Comments: (Edit) by Blondie
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 4:09
  Comments: by Lipps, Inc.
Too Hot
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 5:08
  Comments: by Kool & The Gang
Little Jeannie
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 5:14
  Comments: by Elton John
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 2:54
  Comments: by Pat Benatar
Tired Of Toein' The Line
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 3:40
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 4:00
  Comments: by Gary Numan
The Wanderer
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 3:50
  Comments: by Donna Summer
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 4:30
  Comments: (Edit) by Smokey Robinson
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 3:52
  Comments: (Edit) by Irene Cara
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 4:32
  Comments: by Olivia Newton-John
He's So Shy
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 3:40
  Comments: by The Pointer Sisters
  Date Performance: 1980, Running Time: 4:14
  Comments: by Christopher Cross
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Stanley P. (The Baron) Behrens, Burt Berman, Chris Brosius/Broccios/Brocius, Billy Burnette, Willie Mae (Mammaw) Burnette, Ron(ald Donavon) Coleman, Mel Collins, Rick Croy, Biff Daw(e)s, Steve Deutsch, Dennis Dreith, John Hobbs, Bill House, John Hunt, Donna Meade, Mike Porter, Paul Ramsay, Joe Romano, Jim/James (Duke) Seiter, Randy Stern, Curtis Stone, Steve Turner, Billy (Joe) Walker(, Jr.), Charles Ward

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Steve Carr (Engineer), Joe Sasfy (Producer), Robert (Earl) (Kool) Bell (Songwriter), Robert (Earl) (Kool) Bell (Songwriter), George (Melvin) (Funky) Brown (Songwriter), George (Melvin) (Funky) Brown (Songwriter), Rocky Burnette (Songwriter), Ron(ald Donavon) Coleman (Songwriter), Christopher Cross (Songwriter), John Farrar (Songwriter), Lee Garrett (Songwriter), Michael Gore (Songwriter), Steven Greenberg (Songwriter), Steven Greenberg (Songwriter), Deborah/Debbie Harry (Songwriter), Deborah/Debbie Harry (Songwriter), James Honeyman-Scott (Songwriter), James Honeyman-Scott (Songwriter), Chrissie Hynde (Songwriter), Chrissie Hynde (Songwriter), Elton John (Reginald Dwight) (Songwriter), Jimmy Marinos (Songwriter), Jimmy Marinos (Songwriter), Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara) (Songwriter), Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara) (Songwriter), Rob Meurer (Songwriter), Robert (Spike) Mickens (Songwriter), Robert (Spike) Mickens (Songwriter), Giorgio Moroder (Songwriter), Stevie Nicks (Songwriter), Stevie Nicks (Songwriter), Gary Numan (Songwriter), Gary (Anthony) Osborne (Songwriter), Wally Palmar (Songwriter), Wally Palmar (Songwriter), Dean Pitchford (Songwriter), Smokey (William) Robinson (Songwriter), Eddie/Edward Schwartz (Songwriter), Mike Skill (Songwriter), Mike Skill (Songwriter), Charles (Claydes Eugene) Smith (Songwriter), Charles (Claydes Eugene) Smith (Songwriter), Tom Snow (Songwriter), Donna Summer (Songwriter), Marvin Tarplin (Songwriter), James (Warren) (J.T.) Taylor (Songwriter), James (Warren) (J.T.) Taylor (Songwriter), Cynthia Weil (Songwriter), Stevie Wonder (Songwriter), Simon Fowler (Photography), Ron Wolfson (Photography), Robert Hull (Executive Producer), Billy Altman (Liner Notes), Lindsey Buckingham (Produced By), Lindsey Buckingham (Produced By), Ken Caillat (Produced By), Richard Dashut (Produced By), Mick Fleetwood (Produced By), Mick Fleetwood (Produced By), Fleetwood Mac (Produced By), Christine McVie (Produced By), Christine McVie (Produced By), John McVie (Produced By), John McVie (Produced By), Stevie Nicks (Produced By), Stevie Nicks (Produced By), Karen Hill (Production Coordination), Joe Sasfy (Series Consultant)

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Time Life Music

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"Sara" is by Fleetwood Mac
"Tired Of Toein' The Line" is by Rocky Burnette. This track is taken from Rocky Burnette's "The Son Of Rock And Roll" album which Billy Burnette is listed on as one of seven musicians for "guitars". Unfortunately, the liner notes for that album do not indicate which song(s) Billy plays on, so Billy's "appearance" here is questionable.

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Discography entry submitted by Allen Chapman & Marty Adelson.