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Super Saver: Greatest Hits (1999) - Various Artists

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Barenaked Ladies, Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd), (Joliet) Jake Blues (John Belushi), Blues Brothers, Lindsey Buckingham, Elliot Easton, Mick Fleetwood, Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Aretha Franklin, Lou Gramm, Greg Hawkes, Mick (Michael Leslie) Jones, Michael M(a)cDonald, Curtis Mayfield, Christine McVie, John McVie, Stevie Nicks, Stevie Nicks, Ric Ocasek, Benjamin Orr, Steven Page, Patrick Simmons, Carly Simon, The Cars, The Doobie Brothers

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  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 4:04
  Comments: by Barenaked Ladies
Expressway To Your Heart
  Date Performance: 1981, Running Time: 3:25
  Comments: by Blues Brothers
Chain Of Fools
  Date Performance: 1968, Running Time: 2:54
  Comments: by Aretha Franklin
Minute By Minute
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 3:31
  Comments: by The Doobie Brothers
You're So Vain
  Date Performance: 1972, Running Time: 4:20
  Comments: by Carly Simon
  Date Performance: 1981, Running Time: 4:32
  Comments: by Foreigner
Say You Love Me Listen.Lyrics availableFan interpretation available Tabs available
  Date Performance: 1975, Running Time: 4:10
Just What I Needed
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 3:47
  Comments: by The Cars
Stop Draggin' My Heart AroundLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1981, Running Time: 4:02
  Comments: Chart: Billboard US Hot 100 Singles Peak Position: 3 Peak Dates: Sep 5, 1981 - Sep 12, 1981 - Sep 19, 1981 - Sep 26, 1981 - Oct 3, 1981 - Oct 10, 1981 Weeks On Charts: 21 Chart: Billboard UK Top 50/40 Singles Peak Position: 50 Peak Dates: Sep 5, 1981 Weeks On Charts: 1
  Date Performance: 1971, Running Time: 4:00
  Comments: by Curtis Mayfield
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Mike/Michael Campbell, Mike/Michael Campbell, Sharon Celani, Donald (Duck) Dunn, Mick Jagger, Phil Jones, Stan Lynch, Stan Lynch, Lori Perry-Nicks/Perry/Nicks, Tom Petty, Tom Petty, Ben(mont) (M.) Tench(, III), Ben(mont) (M.) Tench(, III)

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Roy (Thomas) Baker (Producer), Johnny Pate (Producer), Lester Abrams (Songwriter), Mike/Michael Campbell (Songwriter), Mike/Michael Campbell (Songwriter), Don Covay (Songwriter), Stephen Duffy (Songwriter), Kenny/Kenneth Gamble (Songwriter), Leon Huff (Songwriter), Mick (Michael Leslie) Jones (Songwriter), Mick (Michael Leslie) Jones (Songwriter), Michael M(a)cDonald (Songwriter), Michael M(a)cDonald (Songwriter), Curtis Mayfield (Songwriter), Christine McVie (Songwriter), Christine McVie (Songwriter), Ric Ocasek (Songwriter), Ric Ocasek (Songwriter), Steven Page (Songwriter), Steven Page (Songwriter), Tom Petty (Songwriter), Tom Petty (Songwriter), Patrick Simmons (Songwriter), Patrick Simmons (Songwriter), Carly Simon (Songwriter), Johnny Pate (Arranger), Lindsey Buckingham (Produced By), Lindsey Buckingham (Produced By), Mick Fleetwood (Produced By), Mick Fleetwood (Produced By), Fleetwood Mac (Produced By), Jimmy Iovine (Produced By), John McVie (Produced By), Christine McVie (Produced By), John McVie (Produced By), Christine McVie (Produced By), Stevie Nicks (Produced By), Stevie Nicks (Produced By), Keith Olsen (Produced By), Richard Perry (Produced By), Tom Petty (Produced By), Tom Petty (Produced By)

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"Say You Love Me" is by Fleetwood Mac
"Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" is by Stevie Nicks

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Discography entry submitted by Allen Chapman & Marty Adelson.